Cyber Resilience and Cyber Security

CERT-In, SEBI and Exchanges have guided for strict implementation of various policies and procedures for Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience Framework.  All investors are advised to familiarize themselves with the guidelines and advisories issued and undergo periodic training to protect their own interests.

Investors are cautioned to follow various guidelines for their own security including:

  • Not to share Passwords, OTP, Credit Card CVV with anyone
  • Not to permit access to PC, Laptop, Mobile or other devices to anyone
  • Maintain strong passwords and change them frequently
  • Maintain regular backup of data
  • Carry out Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tests regularly
  • Close all open ports not used
  • Update software patches
  • Use updated Anti-Virus softwares
  • Carefully destroy or degauss all data while disposing any hardware
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links to avoid phishing, snooping,
  • Report any cyber attack to authorities and CERT-In
  • Block unwanted websites and restrict internet usage to permitted sites
  • Enhance capacity to meet growing needs
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